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Brightland Christian Orphanage is a home which offers 28 children the chance to grow up in a loving and caring environment in which the Bible and it's precepts are taught daily. The home is overseen by the Hillsboro church of Christ in Hillsboro, TN and operated by members of the Wotutu congregation in Wotutu village. The home is connected to the Brightland Christian Academy which is serving over 250 children at the moment. 


Elangwe Gregory, the director of the Cameroon Bible Institute in Wotutu, and his wife Magdalene oversee the operation of the home in Cameroon. Sister Magdalene is the director of the orphanage. She does such a wonderful job and treats the children as if they are her own.


The home offers the children a safe and caring place to live with good Christian ladies, most of which are widows, to look after them. We also have house parents who teach and raise the children along with their own children.

The children have adult supervision throughout the day and night. They are fed fruits and vegetables; not just beans and rice like they would otherwise get.


The children are taught Bible every day and encouraged to live as Christ did. It is our hope that as we train these children up in the Lord, that His precepts and His practical examples which He taught by will be a guiding light in their maturation.


At this time, adoption is not an option with these children. They will live in the orphanage until they are 18 years of age, and hopefully at that point we can transition them to their post secondary education, preacher training, or vocational training. We want them to be faithful members of the Lord's church and productive members of society in their respective places.

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