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There are several avenues the Brightland Christian Orphanage will be funded through. The Hillsboro congregation is overseeing the operation of the orpanage and providing some monthly support as well. However, we need congregations to step up and partner with us to make this work a priority. Please remember us in your budget talks for the coming year. Jonathan Oliver or someone else on the BCO team can come and present to your congregation or your elders. Most all of our support right now is through individuals and families. The cost per child we need secured is $100 per child per month. What does this get the children?

  - It provides them with a very safe, secure and sound structure for shelter.

  - It provides them with three meals a day, which will include fruits and vegetables. (The staple food in the area is beans and rice). This will ensure the children get the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy.


We have some pressing needs at the time. We need a new van. We need to redo the courtyard, re-plaster and paint one of the walls, replace toilets, and renovate the outdoor kitchen.

  - It provides them with the everyday items needed such as clothes, toiletries, and their schooling.

  - It will help provide them with their caregiving: nannies, social worker (liason between orphanage and Cameroon government), nurse, and house parents.


As you can see, there are many reasons to want to help these children who have little to nothing. Obviously the most important thing we want to make sure they have is the training up in the Bible and the understanding of what it is to be a Christian and follow God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind.


You can set up automatic bank draft or bill pay through your own bank if they offer that feature. If you want automatic bank draft, you will need to contact Jonathan Oliver for more information. Just email Jonathan at"> or call. You can always just send a check for the amount you wish to contribute.



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