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Sponsoring a child is definitely within the realm of what can be done with your funds. Understand though, that your funds will go toward helping a child. That child will not be your exclusive sponsoree. You will simply be helping "a" child. The reason for this is because if certain children receive special gifts from their sponsoring family, it could cause resentment between that child and others in the orphanage. All contributions of this nature go into the "pot" to help all the children


Congregational Support

We are in need of congregational monthly support for these precious children. If your congregation can contribute $1440 ($120 a month), that will take care of and feed a child for a year. This ensures the child will have the basic things they need physically. Our dedicated house parents and nannies will provide the love and support they need that those of us here in the states cannot give them.

One time donations are also welcome. These usually go toward helping fill a need or paying for projects needed concerning the structure of the home or van maintenance.


You're one time or monthly committment is so important to the children at Brightland Christian Orphanage. Please don't hesitate to give. Feel free to contact us at or send your contribution to the address on the contact page.


All donations can be sent to:

Hillsboro Church of Christ

PO Box 37

Hillsboro, TN 37342

**Email or call us to find out how you can do automatic bank draft.


The congregation at Hillsboro is always trying to come up with ways to give to the orphanage. Our youth and elderly alike participate in projects to send over to the children. If you would like to be included in this, please contact us and let us know to what extent you would like to participate.

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