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First floor walls are almost done!

On June 11, Elangwe sent me pictures of the progress of the orphanage. At that point, the pillars of the first floor that will hold the second level up have been completed and the walls for the first level have been completed. There are some cosmetic things that have to be done to fully finish the first floor walls, but the decking blocks are ready to go up that will separate the first from the second floors.

Contact has been made with Cameroon social work division to discuss policies regarding children, and preparations are in the process of being made for the adults who will care for the children once we have children in the home. Special attention is being given to the operation of the home from all those involved. Things are really coming together and it seems like we just started. Before we know it, the home will be open and making a difference in the lives of deserving young people. Please continue to pray for the work and all those involved that God may be glorified.

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