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Steady progress taking place.

Hello all. Thank you for your continued interest in the BCO work. Your prayers have been much appreciated and the financial help we have received thus far as been so important. We still require quite a bit of financial commitment from congregations and families. It is going to take a lot of people working together to make this orphanage a success. I know God will do his part in this endeavor, but we need a lot of people to step up. Thanks to those who have committed so far.

The latest pictures I have received are from June 19, so I am sure there has been much more progress made since then. Bro. Ballard is going to send me lots of pics once he returns home. I really appreciate David and his love for the Cameroon work. He has been an integral part in the construction of this home and the communication between us in the states and Elangwe. This home is truly going to be a blessing. The first floor is complete other than the final floor layer to cover the foundation fill. Thanks for checking in. God bless!


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