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Second floor foundation almost done.

Hello all,

The most recent update on BCO finds us just about finished with the floor of the second level. The decking blocks have been placed after the frame was put together to add stability. The pouring of concrete should happen any day now.

Elangwe relayed to me that once the floor is poured, they will proceed with raising the pillars for the second floor. Once the pillars to support the roof are raised, the roof will then be put on to allow the workers to continue working through the rain. At that point, the walls will be done to close in the second level. He tells me they are working hard despite the heavy rains they are receiving right now. The pipes for the electricity and the plumbing are also being done under the protection from the rain on the first floor. Things are still taking place at a good pace. God is truly blessing us in many ways. At this point, the projected finish date is early November. Please continue to pray for this effort and give for the financial stability of the children if possible.

God Bless!


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