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Wow! So much progress being made...

Dear supporters and all those who care deeply about this work,

God truly is good and He is blessing our efforts in Wotutu. The rains continue to fall but the work continues regardless. Elangwe is keeping them on their toes. New pics have been added to the chronological flipbook at the top of this page. They are as up to date as they can be. The pillars for the upper floor have been poured and the roof is close to being put on the house. The pouring of the concrete on the second floor took an entire day to complete. 34 workers worked very hard throughout the day, often times during rain showers. Sister Megdelene also helped out in a huge way by providing the workers with three square meals.

I want to personally thank the Hwy. 95 congregation in Taylor, TX for their generous contribution to go toward furnishing the home. There are many others who are helping with this work. The prayers and the montary help are very much appreciated. We are still in need of lots of commitments for the monthly contributions to go toward providing the children with what they need. It will take about $100 a month to supply each child with what they need. That's $1,200 a year. We need congregations, individuals, and families to step up for the kids who will live in this home. The number of children we can help is solely dependent on how many funds we have. We all know how it works, the more funds you have, the more children you can help. We want this to be a success, but we cannot do it without you!

Thanks for checking in!


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