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Roof going on. Continued progress!

the front view .JPG
The second floor is really taking shape now. The walls are just about up and the roof trusses are being added at the present time. Elangwe says we are very close to the finishing phase of the construction. The finishing phase pertains to the beautification of the home (plastering the walls for smoothness), setting the toilets and other things, etc. Most of the hard work is done now but it will still take another couple of months to do the finishing touches.

Final preparations are taking place to set the rules and regulations for the home and finalize the process we will take to accept children for the home. Keep in mind, acceptance of children can only happen as funds come available. At the present moment, we have funds for three children committed. We are in need of a lot more help in partnering with us. We want this home to be a special placce that helps many children. Remember, at it's fullest, we can keep up to 50 children in the home. To ensure we can reach that many children we need so much help. Please consider helping us in this endeavor.

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