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The roof is finished, now to the finishing phase!

upper floor doors and windows protectors.JPG

The roof was completed on Wed. and the window protectors have been placed in most windows. The iron doors for entrance and rear exit have also been placed. Now all that's left is the finishing phase of the home. Plastering the inside and outside walls to give it a smoother look, painting the inside and outside, installing the toilets, sinks, and other small things now can be added. The flooring must also be put down. The concrete floors of the orphanage are rough so leaving them this way would make it very hard to clean. Tile will be put down to make it easier to clean and give it a nicer cosmetic look. Electricity and water still have to be hooked up as well. The end is in sight and it is getting very exciting to know we are just a couple months away from opening the doors of the orphanage for children. A member of the Hillsboro congregation will be traveling to Wotutu with Bro. Ballard in December for the graduation exercises of CBIW and to have an open house to signify the grand opening of the home. Thanks to all for the continued prayers and thoughts throughout the building of this much needed facility.


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