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Finishing phase moving very rapidly...

plastering is going on..JPG

The finishing phase for Brightland Christian Orphanage is going very quickly. The electric company has already been out to work on the electricity, putting up some high line poles, and getting the building ready for power. The water company is also coming out to hook up the water. The plastering has begun on the inside and the outside. This will give the home a smooth finished look and will be painted. Tiling, toilets, sinks, and other things will go in soon as well. It is so evident how God has blessed this effort. Those of you who have given monetarily will not regret it after we get some children in this home. Once you see their precious faces, you will know what a difference you are making in their lives. Thank you again to all those who are giving and praying on behalf of this work. We still need more people to step up and make a commitment to helping a child. We want to fill this home and we can't do it without you!

God Bless,


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