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The End of Construction is Near!

main entrance pending painting.JPG
All of us who have invested time, thoughts, prayers, money, and interest in this work are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as it pertains to the completion of this magnificent home. The children who will have the privilege of living here under the care of loving Christian nannies and house parents, are very fortunate. We are still in the process of deciding who will be able to come to the home. Financial restricitions, as well as, making sure we have small enough numbers to start comfortably with are guiding our beginning. A few more people and congregations have stepped up in the last few weeks pledging their support of children as we begin. So far we have financial committment for around 6-8 children. We need more hlep. We want to be able to fill this home with children who really need love and care, but more importantly, the love of Christ.

Tiling has been finished, toilets have been placed, kitchen is coming together. Painting is about to be started. This place will look much different once the paint is on the building. We look forward to when children can move into the home. Please continue to pray for the effort and give financially if at all possible. We will start taking monthly support very soon, so if you have already indicated you will support a child or more than one child, please be prepared to start sending that soon.

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