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Open House of Orphanage

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Many people turned out for the open house that took place for Braightland Christian Orphanage on Dec. 10th. There were already many in the area for the graduation taking place at CBIW. It was a great opportunity for many who have prayed for the orphanage to come and be able to see it. Those in attendance were able to walk through it and see it firsthand. Elangwe said there are so many people who are excited about this home. Many people know about it in the community and in the area. We will do what we can to make it one of a kind and for the glory of God. The children of BCA, as you can see above, sang a welcoming song at the open house. Sister Magdalene and a representative of the Chief of Wotutu spoke. It was a great day for BCO. Continue to keep it in your prayers.


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