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Two children are in the home! More to come in the near future...

Emma Grace with Beneficient and Ladyson.jpg
**Sister Emma Grace with our first two children.

Dear supporters of BCO,

It is with great excitement that I announce to you that a vision has been made a reality. Brightland Christian Orphanage is operational under a provisional period for the government to see how the orphanage is run and maintained. Before they will sign off on the home, they have to do some spot checks and walkthroughs while children are in the home. Once these walkthroughs are completed, they will make us official and fully operational. We have two children in the home right now. They have been there for about a week now. We have five more children waiting.

We still need more funds, more contributors to this worthwhile cause. We are giving children a chance at a spiritual life they would not otherwise get, as well as a healthy physical life. Won't you help us? Please consider this work in your family and your congregations!

God Bless,


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