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The BCO family grows.

Friends and supporters,

The BCO family now has 7 children. Five new children have been brought to the orphanage. Beneficient and Ladyson now have some playmates. Our new precious children are individually listed on the "children" page. Tell those you know and talk about BCO to your congregations. We need more support so we can add even more children in the future.

Just yesterday, a couple from another village decided they wanted to have a birthday party at the orphanage so the children could participate. The also invited some of the kids from BCA. They had a great time.

other children celebrating birthday in the home.jpg
praying with the children.jpg

Brother Elangwe took the time to share a devotional from the book of James. These children have wonderful examples and the opportunities for growing spiritually are numerous. Thank you so much for checking in. We continue to pray for the smooth operation of the orphanage and for the transition of the nannies.

God bless,


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