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Living life in BCO

Last week saw BCO with another blessed week from God. Although some of the children and the nannies did come down with some illness, they are all doing well now after Sister Ruth was able to help them with her nursing abilities. Things are running pretty smoothly according to Magdalene. The children are very precious as you can see from their pictures. Magdalene was kind enough to snap some shots for me of life around BCO. It is not extensive mind you, but it shows you a little of what is going in.

Above, the children seem to be doing some of their extra instruction the nannies provide after school is over. As you can see, the children are very well behaved.

Here, the children are playing a little soccer out in the courtyard between the orphanage and BCA. The children have a play time between a rest time and supper.

Continued prayers and thoughts are coveted in the name of this institution. We thank God for making this possible. I know we will get the help we need to provide homes for many more children in the near future. God bless!

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