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April Update

I am going to include the email I recieved from Sister Magdalene a couple days ago. I couldn't help but smile as I read the words she sent me. I cannot wait to meet these children. Below is the email I received from her:

Dear brother Jonathan,

Greetings from the family of BCO here in Cameroon , we do hope you and the others over there in Hillsboro are doing fine .

We are doing better here in all , we had a great week , children are reporting well , just for the climate change that is disturbing some , with cool.

The children , continue to grow physically and spiritually , oh we continue to doubt if this home was not there what would have been the fate of these innocent children , that is why our congregation in wotutu and the entire BCO family , continue to praise God for using the Hillsboro congregation for their great love and support , only God will replenish and reward you all for these gestures.

All the children started school yesterday and they are still struggling to learn for their very first time to be in a school setting since they were born.Thank you all for this.

You need to see them when someone entered into the home , how they will all rush to greet the person to embrace the person , this weekend , a brother in Christ from Douala visited our congregation and decided to pass there to see the children , he was amazed with what he saw , as he signed our visitors book , he shaded tears and the question was , what , oh what would have been the future of these energetic and promising children without this love shown to them in BCO, he was happy and he prayed with the children ,after which he handed to the home half bag of rice , and said that is my widow;s mite from my heart.

You need to see the children , as they will run on sunday from their home to the church hall during worship ,we are happy that the motto is taking some impact in their lives already in few months in BCO, nurturing for eternity is our earnest prayer for them as we are leaving no stone unturn to realized this in their lives .

They play and watch TV at the prescribe time. Keep them in your prayers as usual.

We plan this weekend to take the children to an outdoor visit to an amusement part closer to wotutu, we are sure that recreation will also have something to do with their exposure and socialism.

God bless you , we shall share some pictures soon.

Stay bless

Sister Elangwe Magdalene

It is truly wonderful how God has blessed the children. I will reiterate something Magdalene and the visitor said. We don't know where these kids would be right now if it were not for BCO and all those who have and are supporting it. I thank all of you who are giving of the blessings God has provided you with to help these children have a life they have never dreamed of. We continue to ask for your prayers on behalf of the staff and the children. Nurturing for Eternity!

God bless,


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