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June Trip is drawing near.

On June 12th, I will be on my way to Cameroon to finally see and experience this blessing from God firsthand. I will be leaving TN to meet up with Bro. David Ballard and travel with him to see our brethren in Wotutu. I write this entry with mixed emotions. I have been out of the states on a couple occasions, but never this far or for this long. The last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride as it pertains to my preparedness to go, but I welcome the opportunity more now than I have since first starting to plan my trip. The shots, the visa, the letter of invitation, the packing; yes I have started packing already. I have even made a list. I never make lists for when I'm going places. Isn't that a good start to such an important trip though? Planning and preparation for what lies ahead. That is what we do in our spiritual lives is it not? We prepare ourselves for those times and moments that try us and elevate us. If we don't prepare our hearts and minds, then we are not as successful with what we have set out to do. As I plan and prepare for my trip, I know there are different areas I want to already have an idea of what I want to say and do. As I meet with Magdalene and Elangwe to discuss the orphanage and the things that pertain to it's smooth operation, I have to go into that short opportunity I have with the utmost focus. Isn't that the way the Christian life is? If we don't have the utmost focus during this "vapor life", our chances will pass us by to be the best we can be for God every chance we get. I will only have 9-10 days to do that with the orphanage, and all of us have the time God has given us. No matter how short or long, we have to make the most of our time for ourselves, our families, our congregations, and most importantly, our God.

I solicit your prayers for myself and for David during our travels and our stay in Cameroon. I pray that we can make the most of our time and reach as many people as we can reach for God.


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