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Life goes on at BCO!

Hello all,

Here is this week's update of the happenings in BCO. Enjoy!

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship over there, hope it went on well, ours over here was ok, the population that came was really encouraging since we did not have rain this early morning.

This week at BCO has really been a busy one, since we were busy preparing the children for school this Monday the 07/09/ 2015, the children are really excited to start school tomorrow.

I really want to thank God for the health of these children this week as all the children are doing well.

The children have been busy this week with normal daily activities. During the morning and evening devotion, the boys are involved to take leading role like appointing them to lead in singing and prayers and they are doing their best, brother Mendel is really helping us at BCO in this dimension. The nannies are training the girls to do some domestic activities like once in a while wash the plates,they don’t wash the plates clean very well, so the nannies will re- wash the plates, but when they do that over and over and as they grow older,they will do better. You will see them from the pic below. Both girls and boys are also trained to cleaned the table after eating, they don’t do it well, but we know with time they will learn more, this is just to alert them about can see that from the pic below. The children are continuing with the learning of their alphabet, and Simplis and Gustav are always taking a leading role to direct the other children.

Stay Blessed,


Two of the girls washing dishes after dinner.

Gustav and Simplis leading the children in a letters lesson.

Magdalene helping Georgette with a puzzle.

The boys working on their puzzles.

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