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Spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. (3 week update)

Supporters and prospective supporters, here are the weekly reports from Magdalene for the last three weeks. I apologize for not getting the previous two up quicker. I talked to Bro. David Ballard who just got back from Cameroon and he said the children all look very good. Being a little partial, I have to say I was overjoyed when he told me the children were asking about me. I do look forward to going back. It is a special place and one that made a huge impact on me. Enjoy and keep praying for all involved.

Week ending Sept. 13:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship over there, hope it was good, ours over here was good, our congregation is really growing drastically, and we had a nice time with brother David, his wife and brother steve.

This week at Brightland christian orphanage has been a good one, the children are doing fine, but for geogette who was not feeling fine, and Ruth the nurse took her to the hospital for medical check-up,and the doctor prescribed some drugs for her, she is taking the drugs and she is getting better.

All the children started school on monday, they were so happy to go to school, they look very neat in their uniforms, they were so happy carrying their bags with their books inside.

The children have started their studies effectively, they also have home studies when they are back from school.

Sis Nancy Ballard spend most of her time with us in the orphanage, she taught us how how to sew simple skirts with the machine she send through her husband in june, we appreciate the Ballards family for this kind guesture, the kids were so happy for their new skirts.I am very happy i can now sew a simple skirt, all thanks to sis Nancy, she was so patient, she is really indeed a great teacher, i promise her, we will make great use of the machine.

Sis Nancy also helped to explained to me some difficulties i had with some of the books you brought, the children will always show their books to sis. Nancy every day they come back from school.

We had some visitors in the orphanage and they brought some items like rice, biscuits, drinks.we still have some rice that will last for two months.

I was able to get some pictures from sister Nancy's camera on how i was doing the training and the skirts i sewed, i was able to sew three skirts, and the skirts looks great on the children.



Magdalene sewing skirts for the girls.

Magdalene and a finished skirt.

(Beneficient wearing a new skirt Magdalene made for her.)

Week ending Sept. 20:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, i trust God your worship was good, ours over here was also good, thank God.

This week in Brightland Christian orphanage has been a good one, our God is faithful, everything is fine. the children are doing fine, Georgette is improving drastically health-wise, and the entire staff are are fine.

The children are pulling on with their studies well and they are very happy.when ever they return from school, they take their lunch and take their nap after which we help them with their take home assignment and then we allow them to play for a while,

On friday in school every one is required to wear their sport wear, so we can see the children below in their sport wear outfits very happy, The children are very happy because they have all their school requirements.

They are also happy to be in their school uniforms, as we can see them from the pics below,

We thank God these children are improving spiritually, socially, morally and academically.



The children in their sport wear for school.

The children in their school uniforms.

Job is ready for school. He is in primary 1. All primary wear pink.

Our wonderful nannies, nurse, and fearless leader Elangwe. Oh yeah, and Beneficient.

Week ending Sept. 27:

Hello Brother Jonathan

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship today, hope it was fine, ours over here was good thank God.

This week at Brightland Christian Orphanage was characterized with some activities.

The children are being trained to carry out some domestic activities like ; washing of plates,sweeping the house, they dont do it perfectly, but we know with time they will as they grow older, we just want them to start getting use to these activities,we can see that from the pic below.

I also made another simple skirt for Beneficient After mummy Nancy left, and i hope to make more of that, im so excited doing that since im just getting into it, thank you mummy Nancy alot for this maching, our good God will bless you more abundantly in Jesus name Amen.

It was so amazing to see that Simplis led the opening prayer in their sunday school while Diland led the closing prayer, thank God for their spiritual growth, all the children in B.C.O are participating well in their sunday school classes on sundays, they also answer questions during their class.

Every body is doing fine, Georgette is getting better, Job is having cough but is taking some drugs, this is the season were cold is disturbing many people over here.

The children are carrying on with their studies well.



Children in Bible class at Wotutu Congregation
Simplis, Prestige, and Diland washing dishes
Magdalene and the skirt she made for Beneficient
Beneficient in her new skirt
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