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Physical activity a part of life at BCO

This week's report highlights the children's opportunity to get outside and play. For the past two months, the children have been couped up in the house because of daily rain. The rainy season is now coming to a close so the children have the opportunity to get outside and release some built up energy. Futbol is the most popular sport in Cameroon. The men's national team is actually one of the best teams in the world. The children love to play no matter what the sport or activity. Magdalene reports that the children are doing very well with their schoolwork and have adjusted very well. They are making so much progress in their studies. We are very pleased at what the orphanage is accomplishing with these children. Elangwe talks all the time of how the village is very sopportive of the home. People visit all the time and bring gifts, usually in the form of rice or other bulk foods. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

On Oct. 25th I will have the opportunity to present what BCO is all about to the congregation at Chapel Hill, TN in an effort to raise more financial support for the orphanage. We need more congregations to jump on board with us. Family and individual contributions are much appreciated and the home would not be able to run without the support we have so far. Thank you so much to our current contributors for your heartfelt and thoughtful support. As I always say, if you know of a congregation you think would be interested in helping us, please put me in contact with them. Church budgets are being discussed as I type this entry. Until next time, God bless!


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