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Amid all the darkness in the world, BCO shines brightly in Wotutu.

With all the aweful things taking place in our world today, there is plenty to bring smiles to our faces. The preaching students in Wotutu are making waves in the areas they go door to door to tell people the good news. The orphanage is a beacon of light and hope, not just for our children who call it home, but for the village of Wotutu as well. So many lives are being touched by the many good things going on. Thank you to all those who are contributing to this work. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Our children are so appeciative for your love and generosity. I am including below Magdalene's last few emails and pics. Enjoy!

Nov. 1, 2015

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening, how is every one doing over there, hope by the special grace of God, they are doing fine,my family is also doing great, thanks be to God.

Our good God has been faithful to every one in the orphanage this week, both the children and the staff are doing fine.

We had some visitors this week, they saw the sign board and came to see the place and most of them promised to visit us another time.

Today in sunday school Job led in singing, he was so bold and confident and he sang very well that their sunday school teacher praised him, we can see him performing from the picture below.

We are cultivating vegetables in a plot we rented behind the orphanage, so the nannies took the children to the plot to show them how vegetables are being planted, we can see them anxiously wanting to plan even if they dont know from the pic below.

Nov. 8, 2015

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship today, hope it went on well, ours was good, thank God.

This week at B.C.A been a great one, no major incident, the children are doing ok but for Gustav and Job who are having cough, the nurse is giving them cough treatment.

Within this week when we prepared fufu and eru, the nannies involved the girls with the fixing of waterleaf, they were so happy doing that even though they are still learning, we can see them from the pics below.

Nov. 15, 2015

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how are you guys doing over there, i hope by the special grace of God, you people are doing great, my family is also doing great, thank God.Brother Elangwe travelled, but he is on his way back to wotutu now.

How was your worship, hope it was great, ours over here was wonderful today, our lessons were so inspiring.

This week at B.C.O has been good, the children are doing great both in health, moral and their spiritual life. They are also carrying on with their schooling well as we can see them set for school and also looking good in their school uniforms withing one of the school days.

I have attached a pic of the first painting on the wall of the orphanage, the painter has painted just the affected area first, he said when the wall is dried, he will repaint the whole wall. Within this week, he will continue with the painting.

The children sends their greetings even all the workers also sends their greetings too. They are hoping to meet you soon.

I also attached some pictures on how we smoke fish using our kitchen behind.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing, God Bless you.

(There was a leak in one of the pipes upstairs that was causing some damage to the wall. The pipe has been repaired and the plastering and painting has been done).

(Smoked fish over the fire in the outdoor kitchen. They will peel this and put it in a soup to eat).

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