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Lights go problem.

Hello again!

BCO is now in the new year and as you saw from the last post, the children had a good celebration to bring in the new year. They feasted and had many visitors come and see them. The pictures sure tell the story about these precious children. They are growing physically and are growing leaps and bounds spiritually.

Something else that is happening with a new year now in full swing is a handful of new contributors. The story of BCO has really made an impact on families and congregations here in the states and I want to personally thank all of them for making their commitment to these children. Welcome aboard to all those new to the family. Here are the last two emails from Magdalene:

January 10, 2016

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship today, hope it was good, ours over here was good, we had many visitors who came over here to worship with us.

The week at B.C.O was a good one, the kids has gracefully entered the new year with love and joy, the children are improving from the cold that is disturbing them, they are carrying on with their studies well.

Last week one of the poles that brings light to the the orphanage fell down, we called the Sonel workers who came and checked and said the pole was rotten from underneath and had to be changed, so we asked them to quickly change it because it was very risky since the electricity cables were on the ground and we were scared of children passing around it, but thank God it has been changed, i have attached some of the pictures of how the work was done.

The upper part of the long fridge also had some problem, it stopped working so i called for a technician who checked it and changed one of its part which he said it was bad.

We just want to thank our almighty God for making everything move on smoothly, we will forever be grateful to him.

January 19, 2016

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening our time, how is every one doing over there, hope they are doing great, as for us here, God is taking control, i attended a sister's seminar held in one of the villages around here, i return and wanted to send the report immediately, but the lines were disturbing.

Every thing went on well during the week, the children are still carrying on with their studies normally and they are writing their tests this week.

They are also doing well in their health, even though they use to have light fever, but after some medication, they become fine.

We also had some visitors who visited the orphanage with some gifts for the children, we appreciated their kind gesture.

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