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The Children are Engaged in All-Around Growth.

Dear Supporters and Prosepective Contributors,

This week's update is just another reason to help with this work. These children are so precious and are growing in more ways than I can explain. If you go back and look at their previous pictures, just in a year's time for some of them, you can see a dramatic change in them.

We have added some new contributors to the BCO team this year. Thank you to those folks. We look forward to a fruitful and blessed 2016.


Here is the update from Magdalene, our director of brightland Christian Orphanage:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive greetings from this end in Jesus name, Amen, by Gods grace, i know you and your family and the entire supporters of B.C.O doing great, thanks be to God.

The week at B.C.O went on smoothly. The kids are doing fine, even some of them were sick during the week, we know its normal and it is part of their grow process.

The children are growing up well in their spiritual life, they continue to improve day by day as time goes on, Brother Mendel, the student preacher is helping them a great deal when it concerns this area, he has thought them some memory verses and other Bible stories, their memory verse for the week was on the book of Rom 6;1-3 and they are also benefiting from the lessons thought during their sunday school class and they are picking up, during their meal time we appoint one of them to lead the prayer and the next time another person and it goes round and round, this is done to enable all the children to learn how to pray.

The children are really growing up well and faster. If we flash our eyes on the pics we took of them some weeks and months ago, we will see a great difference in their heights, sizes and the way they look, this is because of the new lifestyle, the comfort they have in their new home, the food and other necessities they now enjoy, all thanks to the supporters of B.C.O.

The children are also carrying on normally with their education, we have youth week activities going on now in school in preparation for the youth day and Elizebeth is participating in the traditional dance

and she is doing it well.



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