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A new year brings new opportunities

I hope this new post finds everyone safely in the new year. My prayer is that God will bless you and your endeavors for His kingdom this new year and many years to come. The Hillsboro church is kicking off a new five year plan this year and our theme for the year is "The Everlasting Gospel". We have many new things we are focusing on and as well as continuing things already in place. Our hope is that we can reach as many lost souls as possible while building up our congregation. We hope that all congregations of the Lord's church can do the same.

As we are beginning a new year here in the states, our brethren in Cameroon are doing the same. I received the latest report from Sister Magdalene and would like to share it with everyone. Please continue to pray for the orphanage and all those who work with it. The children are growing and and look great. They were able to have a new year feast to celebrate. They also received new dress clothes for new year celebration. The garden is growing as well from the seeds they planted back a few weeks ago. Enjoy the pictures.

On a side note...the last addition to the home was Agbor. After taking him for his medical checkup, he was found to have tested positive for sickle cell anemia. This is a very common medical problem in Cameroon. We were advised by the government that the child be put back with the guardian he was previously with. We will try to keep up with Agbor to see how he is doing. Please continue to pray for Agbor and for his guardian. Another child will be added to the home in the near future.

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