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BCO and BCA Celebrated at National Youth Day

Hello again,

Thanks for visiting us. Another week down and with many things going on. The children have so many opportunities and this week's update will show you what one of them were. One of our own, Elizabeth, participated in a traditional dance at the youth day, along with other students from BCA. I will let you read Magdalene's report and see the pics for yourself.

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive greetings from this end in Jesus name, how is your family doing, hope by Gods grace they are all doing fine.

The week at B.C.O went on smoothly this week. The children are carrying on normally with their morning and evening devotion done by br Mendel. They are still studying the books of the Bible. They are really picking up. Some of the children can now recite the 66 books of the Bible, while others can say many of the books. We will still continue with the books this week.

The week has been characterized with a lot of youth week activities and Elisebeth was part of the traditional dance of the school. The competition took place on Tuesday and Brightland won. Brightland was the only school chosen to animate the traditional dance on the National youth day which was on the 11 of February 2016. Elisebeth was a part of it.

The B.C.O children were also part of the national youth day march pass. They were so happy to join their friends in the celebration. They all enjoyed the day very well, even Beneficient also accompanied them. She too was so happy to be part. She played around the field.


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