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Delegates from Children's Services Visit

Hello again!

Thanks for visiting us today. It's been another good week at BCO. As you will read from Magdalene's email, power was an issue this past week and that is not any new thing. It happens quite often. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Also, please keep Brother David Ballard and those traveling with him to Wotutu this Friday in your prayers. They will be heading over to teach short courses in the preaching schools in Wotutu and in Mbanga.

Here is Magdalene's weekly update:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, I know by the special grace you people are doing fine over there. We are also doing great over here.

The week at B.C.O has been a nice one, the children are carrying on well with studies of the Bible with Brother Mendel, he is really doing a great job in teaching those children and they are really picking up well, all of the children, except Beneficient can now recite all the 66 books of the Bible, even Job is able to say all the books of the Bible.

During the week, i received a call from Buea saying that the Regional Delegate will be visiting the orphanage, so on Friday the 19 February 2016, he send his representatives, two others including the social worker.

They were so happy about everything,they were also encouraged the way we are going with our application for the authorization.

The children also did a great performance while the delegates were around, they welcome them, each of them said their memory verses, together they said all the 66 books of the Bible, the twelve apostles and other memory verses, they said it so fluently that the visitors were so moved and appreciated them and also us for doing a great job, i will attach some pictures of them displaying below.

The have been constant power failure in wotutu for some time now and it has been affecting many of our appliances, the recent one was a spark of cables at the road that affected the television in the orphanage, Sister grace and Theresia were in the sitting room with the children watching TV and i was in the room, and we heard a strong and serious noise that came from the TV and sister the sisters rushed with the children outside out of fear, i came out of the room and perceived a smell of cable burn around the Tv and i also laughed the way they round out, out of fear, electricity came back after some time and we tried the TV and it did not come on so we call a technician who came and checked and said the current has blown off the TV so he took it for repairs, who called later and said it was badly destroyed and it will cost much to get it fixed, he has not told us the exact amount, but he said he will tell us tomorrow how much it will cost.

Also during the week, we called the plumber to check on the toilet pot that was not flushing well, on checking the pot, the cover mistakenly slip of from were he kept it and it fell and hid the pot and it break.he said sorry, that it was an accident.I am attaching the pic of the broken pot below.


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