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God continues to bless BCO and the children who live there.

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for checking in. Sorry for the delay on the this week's post. Much has been going on in Wotutu and in Brightland Christian Orphanage. Just last week two new children were added to the home. Scola has already been introduced and now I would like to introduce you to Precious. Her given name is Mengi Precious Itum. She is three years old and as you can see below, she is very Precious. Enjoy this past week's update from Magdalene.



Receive greetings from this end of the Country. The week went on smoothly without any major incident, Our good God has been merciful to us, the children are doing just fine.

The children are doing wonderfully with their memory work, they are so fluent in saying their memory verses and also boldly, brother David Ballard and Brother Todd had a great time with the children in the home, they sang songs to them and also displayed their memory work, they were so impressed on how far the children have gone with their Bible lessons.I am attaching pics of them and the children below.

The children were also busy during the week with the writing of their second term exams, they will be closing for this term on Wednesday.

The other orphan child i have been expecting, came into the home on Thursday night, i was not able to send her pics immediately because of network problem and pics could not attach, i will attach her pics below, she is three years old and her name is MENGE PRECIOUS ITUM, she is a sweet child,she is so active.




The first 11

Brother David and Brother Todd with the children.

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