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Life continues at BCO and blessings abound.

Here is the latest edition from the weekly reports sent by our own Magdalene on Sunday. Magdalene refers to some wardrobes being built in her update. They have a very good carpenter there who has built many things for the orphanage. He is in the process of building some nice wardrobes for the children's clothes and shoes to go in to keep them organized. At this point in time, there will be enough made for all the rooms the children are sleeping in and an extra room for addition of children.

I look forward to the first week of June and my second trip to Wotutu to see the children and work with our brethren there at the orphanage. Please continue to keep all of them in your prayers.

Enjoy the update!

Brother Jonathan,

Good evening our time, how was your worship over there, I do hope by the grace of God, it went on well, ours over here was great. I am sorry for not sending the report last week, it was because of network problems, the internet modem signal is not strong, I am even sending this report now but from Limbe.

This weeks at the orphanage has been a good one, with no major incident. The children are doing great, just few of them had some rashes on their body which most people locally call it( god fire),they were taking to the hospital and medication was given to them and the rashes are drying of now, they were on holidays but they will be returning back to school tomorrow.

Their activities this holiday was characterized with more Bible lessons, drawings, coloring, singing etc.

The two new children are enjoying their stay and are becoming use to and close to their friends at the home particularly precious who was not comfortable from the beginning because of the new environment she found herself, but now she plays and relate well with Beneficient and the other children in the home.

The people at the Delegation of social affairs called me last and confirm the completion of our document at the level of Buea, but the final approval has to come from Yaounde, and he advised us to take the booklet ourselves to Yaounde, I and brother Elangwe will be going to Yaounde maybe on Tuesday when he hands over to us the booklet and this will entails some funds fuel and lodging in Yaounde.

The carpenter is going on with the wardrobe work, he is compiling them at his workshop, he will transport them when he finishes them.

All the workers and the children are extending their greetings and appreciation over to you guys and are anxiously waiting for your coming in june.


The children at worship on Sunday morning. (April 3, 2016)

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