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New Additions Bring New Opportunities

Hello all,

May God bless you and grant you peace through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sorry for the three week hiatus. Since my last post, many things have been going on with BCO. Two new children have been added since then. Meet Sanga and Philemon. They are both from the same village and are enjoying being at BCO. Don't let the lack of smiles on their faces fool you. For those of you who keep up with them on a regular basis, you know they look like this a lot of the time, but trust me, they know how to smile.

Sanga is 6 years old.

Philemon is 4 years old.

This is of the children playing in the common room.

Magdalene says everything is going well and the children who were affected by the chicken pores have gotten over those. The children are all on the mend and she says that visitors are always very complimentary of how the children look physically. Thanks to Brother Mendel, their spiritual growth is very apparent.

So far, every time a delegate from social affairs comes to visit, they say that BCO is one of the best, if not the best orphanage they have seen. The children's spiritual growth I believe is a lot of that. Our staff is doing such a good job. Please continue to pray for all those involved so that God is glorified.



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