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BCO is visited by goodwill group from Limbe

Hello again to all,

It is with joy and thankfulness that I write this post. God continually blesses those who seek to do His will and follow His Word. Our brethren in Wotutu are among those who are benefiting from these blessings from our Father. Our children and staff were blessed recently with a visit from a group from Limbe, the closest big city. They had heard about the orphanage and wanted to visit. They came early so they could attend worship with the brethren at Wotutu. Afterwards they visited the orphanage. Read more about it below in Magdalene's report.

As our trip back to Wotutu nears, your thoughts and prayers for us and for the orphanage are requested. Simplis will be having surgery to remove the nodule on his shoulder soon. Please continue to pray for himas well.

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, receive greetings over here in this part of the country in Jesus name Amen,

We thank the Almighty God for ending another week successfully in B.C.O, the week ended with no major incident.

Despite the fact that the children were busy with their exams, they never relented their efforts in their normal memory work with brother Mendel.

We want to really thank the Hillsboro congregation and all the supporters of B.C.O for making it what it is today, the children have really improved both physically, morally, academically and most especially spiritually.

We had some visitors from Limbe, a youth group called Dynamic friends Association, they decided to visit the orphanage and they came early and worshiped with the Wotutu congregation then went to the orphanage after worship, they were so happy with the children's presentation, their physical constitution and above all their memory work, the children sang for them, said their memory verses, all the 66 books of the Bible, the 12 apostles, they were so amaze, some of them even shared tears, the children are really doing wonderfully, after all that brother Mendel prayed for them and they handed over some gifts to the children, they gave rice, few dresses, some savon, biscuits, candies. I will attach some pics of their visit.

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