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It's the rainy season

Well, I'm a week late on this one but it is getting on here nevertheless. Magdalene is now up and going after giving birth to their third son. She is now back to her normal duties as BCO director. Below is last week's report from her. It is rainy season there now and at times it can rain non-stop for up to two weeks. My wife and I were blessed to be able to go shopping for the children before I left for my trip in June and we found a few very nice rain jackets that would all fit the children. I took them with me and just last week they wore them for the first time to worship. Magdalene included pictures of them in her email. Below is a group picture of them all wearing their jackets. Thank you for your continuing prayers for the orphanage. If you are visiting our site for the first time today, we are always looking for new partners in our effort to provide our children with the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being they need. Thanks for visiting!


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive greetings from this part of the country, how are u people doing over there, i do hope by the special grace of God, u guys doing fine.

I am sorry for not communicating all this while, its because of my condition, thank God i had a successful C.S to get the baby out, i am doing much better now and the baby is also doing fine, i want to thank every body for the prayers.

God is faithful, the children in B.C.O are fine, they are now on holidays, most of them did very well in their results, while some others performed averagely, they also attended holiday classes and they are through with it.

Simplis is doing fine now, we want to thank every body who contributed in making it possible for simplis to have his surgery, thank God it was successful, God will continue to bless u and replenish from where you took.

The children are happy with their dresses, also the workers their bags, they say thank you, the children have started using their rain coats, they wore them last week and this week to church since places were wet, they are really enjoying the rain coats as you can see from the pics below.

The funds for this month has entered the account even though it delayed for some time, but it finally entered, the amount that came in is 1 652 000frs, please can you send me the run down of the money.

The children are still carrying on with their normal activities, brother Mendel is still doing devotion with the children as usual and the children are really doing well in that aspect, we thank God for every thing.



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