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BCO is official!

Hello all,

Sorry for the long drought of updates. Not much new info has come across the ocean. Just this past week though, Magdalene and Elangwe got some great news. They traveled to Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, and met with the social affairs department of the government. The orphanage has now been in operation for almost two years. During this time, the orphanage has been visited by many members of social affairs and other groups. It has long been said of BCO that it is the best orphanage in the region. Last week BCO was finally made official. It is officially recognized by the Cameroon government as an orphanage now and Magdelane and Elangwe received the authorization. Many hours were put into getting the proper paperwork together for the government and we praise God for seeing us through. Magdelene has worked so hard to make sure this process went smoothly and that everything needed by the government was supplied in a timely fashion. As always, thank you for the prayers and the contributions to the home.

Mendel and Katty will take their place in the home at the end of the month after graduation. Mendel has done such a good job with the children and I just know they will make great house parents for our children. We look forward to working with them. Below are some pictures of Magdelene and Elangwe's trip to Yaounde.

Minister of Social Affairs

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