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Eventful November/Good Start to December

Hello everyone!

Welcome back. Sorry for the long period of no reports. November was an especially busy month for our brethren in Wotutu. They hosted the annual lectureships, had graduation for the Gamma batch of students in the preaching school and had matriculation for the new batch of students coming in. There were many people in the village during this time and it all went well. Sister Magdalene has breathed a sigh of relief. The network for her internet was very bad during this time and she had a real hard time sending reports. Below you will find the last two weeks worth not including today.

December 7th

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, sorry i have been for some weeks without sending the report, i was busy with the annual lectureship we had in wotutu, thank God it was successful.

These weeks has run smoothly, the children are doing fine, no major incident, they are going on smoothly with all their daily activities.

There have been some problems in Cameroon that made school to stop for a while, but the children are back to school this week, and they have started writing their first term exams.

The two new kids you asked us to get are already in the home, i am including their pics below, the girl is called Bokwe Mildred, she is three years old, she was born on the 8 of june 2013 and the boy is called Ngoe Mon pere Njomi and he is two years old, he was born on the 16 of june 2014. I included their full and half pictures at the beginning of the pics, the others are for the other kids.

Bokwe Mildred

Ngoe Mon pere Njomi

December 11th:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how was your worship over there, hope it went on smoothly, ours over here was good.

The week in B.C.O, went on smoothly without any major incident, the children are doing fine, brother Mendel is spending more time now with them.

The children are taking on their exams now, even though they were disturbed on Friday because of some small issues going on in the Country and could not continue writing their exams, put we pray tomorrow things will be fine.

We also took the kids out to a place called Muyuka, in a Company called Supermon (water company) who invited us to come celebrate with them for their five years of success, we were there and the children really enjoyed themselves and the company even gave them their company dresses, we can see all of them dressed in the company dress.

I will attach some pics of our trip in Muyuka. The children were also handed over some toys.

New "House Father" Mendel is in the suit.

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