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New Year, New Parents, Same Awesome God Blessing BCO

Hello all,

Sorry for the long delay of updates and pictures of our wonderful children. There is some good explanation for it though. There has been some unrest in Cameroon due to the disagreements between English speaking Cameroon and French speaking Cameroon. Apparently, the Cameroonian government, which is based in French speaking Cameroon wants all of Cameroon to be French in all aspects of life. They want all of Cameroon to communicate verbally and in written form in French. English speaking Cameroon wants to keep their Anglo-Saxon heritage and continue to do things in English. Most all people there are bi-lingual. It all goes back to the sixties and seventies when the 20% of Cameroon that is English speaking was just a territory. The decision back then was to either become a part of Nigeria or Cameroon and the people voted to be a part of Cameroon. Now the leaders in English speaking Cameroon and trying to work through their differences. Since before Christmas, the schools have been closed due to the teachers being on strike. The lawyers and other people are also on strike. They are trying to send a message to the government. The government also cut off all internet access to English speaking Cameroon so getting updates is very hard right now. Sending funds is also difficult but doable. The children are doing great but please continue to keep them in your prayers during this difficult time.

Below is the last update I received from Magdalene:

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good afternoon Cameroon time, we over here are wishing you guys happy new year , we thank our good God for his protection, providence and good health through out last year and for him making it possible for us to see another year.

The staff and kids of BCO are saying thank you to all the sponsors and donators of BCO Cameroon, may our God continue to bless you abundantly

New year celebration over here was so splendid, the children were so happy with everything the saw beginning with their dresses, shoes, their food and others.

We also took them out to the zoo in Limbe, were non of them have never been there, they were so happy to see those types of animals, they had a good time over there.

Attached below are the pics of the event that took place on new year day.

Celebrating new year

Franklin, Katty, Emma Grace, Ruth, Theresia, Magdalene, Mendel

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