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Sorry for the long break but given the circumstances, I give you what I can when I get it. The situation in Cameroon continues to be less than optimal. The French government continues to stand their ground, as does the English speaking officials in Southwest Region of Cameroon. The Southwest region still does not have internet so Magdalene and Elangwe have to drive to the French area in order to be able to send their reports. I received one a week ago Sunday. Please continue to pray for everyone over there. The children were suppose to go back to school last week but we will see for how long and if the parents in the area even sent them back. Also pray for Brother David Ballard as he is in Nigeria and will make his way to Cameroon in the coming days. The people in Southwest region are upset about the way things are going. enjoy the report and the pics.

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how are you guys doing over there, hope fine by the grace of God, we are also doing fine here, just some kids who have been sick but they are getting better now.

This week has been a very busy week with the children, we had some people who invited the children for their birthday, another organization invited the children and gave them some gifts, precisely toys, the children were so happy.

Last time when we took the children to the Zoo, we met a lady who promised to visit, so she decided to come and celebrate her birthday with the children in the home, she also came with two of her sisters who share the same birthday, we were blessed to have three of them celebrate their birthday with us.

We were also privileged to have her bosses from her work place who are white people, they came to celebrate with her, they brought us some beautiful pictures to be placed on the wall, she placed one of them her self, I will attached some of the pics below on how the birthday in the home went to.

We are still waiting on the school issue, the Government promised that schools will resume on the 7th of march 2017, we are still waiting to see how it goes.

The visitors who came for the birthday celebration, were so happy on how the children presented on their memory verses, they are growing on their spiritual life as the day passes by.

May our good God bless you guys for making this children experience this kind of opportunity in life.I still went to Douala to send the report.


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