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God's Blessings Shower BCO

Welcome visitors and supporters,

It has been some time but I am able to update everyone on the happenings at BCO. Just in the last couple weeks, the internet was restored to the English speaking region of Cameroon. Magdalene was able to send out a report a week ago Sunday. Tensions are still existent between English speaking Cameroon and the Cameroonian government. The teachers and lawyers are still on strike so many people are still affected.

On a positive note, Senge, a member of the Wotutu congregation who is a registered nurse, has been working with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Wotutu and the the orphanage now for a few weeks. She is doing a great job and such a blessing. Sister Ruth has now taken on full nanny duties and is doing a wonderful job as she always does.

Enjoy the latest update from Magdalene.

God Bless,


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening Cameroon time, how are you people doing over there, I do hope by the special grace of God you guys are doing fine, as for us over here, God has been faithful to us, we are doing fine by his grace.

Every body in B.C.O sends their greetings to you people over there. We thank our God that the internet has been restored back in our region so we will not need to drive to Douala again for the reports.

The children are doing fine, they are spending more time studying the bible since they are at home, some times Mendels wife also help the children to teach them some bible stories and other bible lessons, they are growing in the knowledge of the word drastically, thanks be to God. I have attach a pic of them taking their break fast preparing to go for worship.

A lot has changed in the lives of these children, firstly the spiritual aspect, many people are so amazed the way they quote the bible and their memory verses, in their academics and also their social and moral life, all to the glory of God. Because of this Sanga has been chosen to be part of the childrens parliament shelduled to take place in Yaounde in June.

My computer was not in good shape, but I have it fix now. Attached below are pics of the new nurse sis Senge in her office, the office has been improved with a bed and a cupboard for drugs, the office now looks very presentable.

A lot of maintenance has occurred this month, firstly the toilet got full and we had to drain it and dig another suck away because we noticed the other one was not absorbing the feases well, attached below are some pics of mendel in the hole, he dug the hole with some other guys, some plumbering connection will be done to direct the pipes to the new suckaway.

The insurance has also expired, and needs to be renewed.

I wont be able to make it again to the U.S because I was denied a visa, we are waiting to see you in June, the children are so anxious to see you again.


Senge in the newly furnished nurses office.

Organization cupboard for medicines.

Grandma Emma Grace preparing food for the children.

Katty conducting lesson in the home since the kids cannot go to school.

The children eating their breakfast before worship.

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