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Profitable trip, new additions, BCO thrives!

Hello again!

It's been awhile but here we are again. Let me just say what a blessing it is to be able to be the coordinator of this most needed and wonderful work. I am back again from yet another trip to Wotutu, Cameroon to see my other children I have come to love as my own. The children at Brightland Christian Orphanage are some of the most blessed children in the entire world. These children who Elangwe likes to say, have no explanation to give as to why they are orphans, have a huge family that loves them with all their heart and a Father in heaven who made it all possible for them. Had it not been for Him and BCO, it is very likely some of our children would be dead right now. Some of them came from very dire circumstances.

I was back home on June 12th from my third trip. I brought back a little present for myself that started the Friday before I left on Sunday. I got a stomach bug of sorts that really took it out of me and took me about a week or a little more to get rid of. Don't know what it was, I just know I don't want to get it again. It was a great trip nonetheless and I came away from it learning new lessons and was reminded of some other ones learned on previous trips. I am blown away at the level of happiness the people over there have in the state of poverty. They truly seek first the kingdom of God and have faith that God will provide for them. He provides for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, so why not provide for them. Their attitude and contentment makes them some of the richest people in the world.

We put on a VBS this year thanks to the work of Karen Pond and Steve Marx. They are truly wonderful people who love the Lord and His work. I was blessed to be able to help teach the 10-12 year old class all week. Karen got to teach in excess of 50 two and three year-old children every day. That number went up to 84 by Friday. These children sat for two hours straight listening to their teachers and participating in their classes. Imagine trying that here in the states. They are very well behaved and never complain. At the end of the week, two hundred of the children received Bibles, most of which did not have one to begin with. It was a blessing to be able to hand those out.

On Saturday, the day before I left, we went to a village called Batoke to do some door to door evangelism. The very first door I came to and I had a study. It lasted for almost two hours before we had to go. Evelyn was very receptive and read the Bible for what it said. She realized the way she had been worshiping was not what the Bible showed. I'm hoping Brother Mendi Simon will be able to follow up with her.

All in all, my trip was very profitable. I was able to address some things with the orphanage structure and some other items discussed with Magdalene, Elangwe, David, and Mendel. I'm thankful we all have such a good working relationship. May God continue to bless BCO and all those who make it function.


Enjoy Magdalene' latest update:

Good morning Cameroon time, receive greetings from this part of the country, how is every one doing over there,we do hope by the special grace of God, they are doing great. We thank God for granting you a safe trip back to the U.S and for for making you recover from your ill health.

The past weeks at BCO has been a busy and nice one, the kids at BCO were part of the VBS that took place in Wotutu and some of the older children were handed a copy of the Bible, they are using them in worship and in the home now during devotion and when Mendel is teaching them, all thanks to the initiators of this program.

We were also part of a program for orphanages were some issues were being discuss and children in the various orphanages made presentations, the children in BCO was the talk of the day after the presentation, people were amazed on how they said their memory verses,they resided them with all boldness and fluently with the many scriptures without any error, the moderator and other people also commented about their neatness, they said we deserve the name Bright, people asked us so many questions on how were able to teach the children up to that extend, i am attaching some pics of the childrens presentation below.

The plumber has also started with the repairs, i went with him to get some of the items on the list, i will attach some pics of the plumbering work below.

We have another abandoned orphan child who was left in the hands of the sick grand mother who was not able to take care of her self not to talk of the grand child, we visited the home accompanied by br Steve, sis. Karen and sis. Vicky, i took the child to the hospital and the doctor said she was suffering from severe malnutrition, so they had to admit the child and had a close follow up, the child is much better now and now in the home, other lab tests were conducted on her but were negative just small infection due to the environment, but she is on some antibiotics for that.Sister Vicky and Sister Karen gave some money for her medical examination, but the money was not enough for her medication, i am attaching pics of the little girl called Daniella below.

I am also attaching a pic of sis. Senge assisting sis. Vicky with the consultation, i will also attach a pic of Joyce below.

The chairs are we sending the prices for two sets of chairs that is foe upstairs and down stairs? we have to know that since both stairs are being used now, things will be done now in double for both boys and girls. We really need the banda for this rainy season since the firewood are outside under the rain.

I'm sorry i'm sending the report now, i have not still been able to get my computer fixed and my Camera too is bad so i had to wait for my husband to come back from his trip so i could use his computer and camera to take pics and send report.

Every one over here is sending greetings and appreciating the work you guys are doing, if not of you, we don't know how the faith of this children would have been, God will bless you people abundantly.


Plumbing repair: Leak in outside wall behind bathroom.

Children impressing at orphanages meeting.



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