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How Blessed are the Children of BCO?

Hello again to all who support the orphanage and to those who are visiting for the first time. The children are growing physically and spiritually at such a fast rate. To answer the question in the title, they are very blessed. They are blessed beyond measure.


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good morning Cameroon time, how is everyone doing over there, I do hope by the special grace of God, every body is doing great.

These weeks in BCO has been a good one, every body is doing fine. The children are carrying on normal with their daily activities, the period for holiday classes just ended, I will attached some pics of them while in class.

The children are using the materials you brought to do drawings, coloring and other things as they are through with their holiday classes, they cannot go out or do activities outside because of too much rainfall and cold outside so we have engaged them now in indoor activities.

Mendel is also working with them now to teach more new things in the Bible and they are picking up, the children are also much involved in the Sunday school activities in the Wotutu church.

We had a friends and family day in wotutu this past Sunday and the children in BCO were amongst the children in Sunday school classes chosen by their teacher to present their memory verses in the church and they did it well.

All the children in BCO were also called up to present to the church their memory verses so that the church and visitors who came around will also see the performance of the children, particularly the spiritual aspect, their performance was outstanding, people were so impressed with their performance and appreciated those contributing to make sure things happen they way it is happening, I will be attaching pic of activities below.

I got the blender/ grinding machine and we are already using it to blend stuff, below are pics of me using the machine and show the ladies how to use this one because it is a different mark from the last one I got. I also got the umbrellas for the children, below are some pics of them with the umbrella ready to go for worship.

The comfortable chairs in the sitting room are being made now by the Carpenter, some of the window nets have been put, the work is still going on, the window nets will be completed soon, below are pics of some of the window nets already put on the wall.

We will not be tired to appreciate you guys for the support and the work you people are doing for us over here in Cameroon, God will continue to bless you people in Jesus name, AMEN



The children reciting their Bible verses.

Children during holiday classes.

The children with their new umbrellas.

New metal window netting.

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