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BCO Rings in 2018

This update is from Jan. 11, 2018.

Hello brother Jonathan,

Good afternoon our time, receive calvary greetings from this part of the country in Jesus name, we the staff and kids of Brightland say happy new year to all of you over there and we are thanking God for making all of us to see this new year 2018, we appreciate you guys for all you have done for the orphanage for the previous years until we are now in 2018, we pray our good God will provide for you people more abundantly and may this year be more fruitful for all the supporters of this great work in the orphanage, we are very grateful and we appreciate all what you people are doing.

The crises in our country is still on and we don’t still have complete access to internet that is why it will be taking a while for me to get the report since I have to go to another town to get it sent, I might only get to talk with brother Jonathan on facebook using my phone for something pressing issues as we have been doing this past weeks.

These past weeks have gone through normally, the year ended well with no major incidents, all the children are doing good, they have really grown both physically, morally and spiritually, their physical appearance is really encouraging, many people have testify to that, all thanks to God and you guys, there is a great difference from how they are looking now and last year.

The children have also known more about God than when they just came in, they can memorize many Bible passages, narrate bible stories unlike when they came in, thanks to God and for Mendel for this great job, some visitors came in last two weeks with their kids to visit the home, and the children made their presentation, the visitors were so surprised on how well they could memorize the bible verses like that and they told their children to see what other children can do, this has happened about three times where visitors told their children to see what these kids can do, they themselves testified, they dont have the bible knowledge like this our children do, we really thank God for this great spiritual growth for the lives of this children.

The new year festivities went on well, the children were so happy with their new dresses and shoes, they are being treated like children whose parents are alive because while other parents gets new year dresses and shoes for their children, we also get it for them too, making them not to feel the impact of the absence of their parents all thanks to God and to you guys for making sure they are well caretered for, may God bless you in Four fold. I will be attaching their pics of their new year celebration below to show how happy they were celebrating like their friends and even more than some of them whose parents are alive.

The construction work of the wall in going on well, the wall has been built, they are now doing the plastering on the wall, they have gone far with the plastering, it will soon be completed, the electrician is connecting a bell on the frontage of the fence and some few bulbs for security purposes, the wederal is also working on the gate, every thing is going on well, please brother Jonathan, we want to know your decision on the rods issues if it will be done because the builders need to complete the bim, that is concrete the top of the fence, and they need to do it along side the rods, I will be attaching the pics of the work of the fence below to show how the work is progressing.

The social worker will be working with the social center this month and next to complete the social inquiry of some of the children who were not done because of the roads and some chiefs of social center were on leave and others transferred.I will attaching the other pics in another page, this page is full.



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