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Many Things Have Taken Place

Hello after a long hiatus. The difficulties in Cameroon are still taking place. The French government and the Southwest Region Anglophones are still not agreeing and there has been some violence in some parts of the Southwest Region. Many things have been done during this time. A wall has been constructed around the grounds, the washer/dryer has been hooked up and is working, a new water tower has been constructed and the reserve water tanks are full for the dry season. The Lord has blessed this work in so many ways and we are thankful for all the prayers and monetary help that has been given. The internet is still turned off to the region which is the reason for the long periods without updates. This one is from Dec. 6, 2017.

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good morning Cameroon time, its been a while, how are you guys doing over there, I do hope by the special grace of God you are doing fine, im sorry its been a while now without me sending the report, we don’t still have internet yet, I will have to drive to another town to send the reports and for about two months now I have been sick of headache and dizziness, thank God im getting better now, please put me in prayers for complete recovery.

These past months in BCO has been a busy one, the children are all doing fine no major incidents, they are carrying on well with their secular education well, they will be writing their first term exams next week.

The children have really grown up well, they are looking physically good and neat, we give God all the glory.

Mendel is doing great with the children as he is changing is method of teaching them, while helping them to continue with their memory work so they don’t forget, he is also teaching them good Bible stories, drawing lessons from it and applying it in todays world.

I got the school items for the children as we can see from the pics below,

We have the book shelves made, it is still on the downer floor we are still to get it up stairs but we are not sure it will be that easy to get it up, if difficult, we will get the smaller one up, the pic of the bookshelve has been attached below.

We got the first and the second drum installed already, what is remaining is the pump, the plumber had to go to Douala to get the pump because we could not see it here in Limbe.

The construction of the wall around the orphanage has started and is going on well, below are pics of the construction.

The Adult size tables and chairs have not been made yet because the particular type of lumber the carpenter wants is not yet available, we are still waiting for it to be supplied, The washer is working well now, sis Robin helped showed us how to use it, we are still waiting on brother David to also help us on some clarification.

Every one is sending greetings over there, Theresia lost her father, he is in the Mortuary, he will be buried on Saturday the 9th of this December, please put her in your prayers she has so many challenges and that is making her to be stressed up.

New year is around the corner, the children will need cloths and shoes for the celebration after that they will use them to wear for worship, I will send the amount needed in the subsequent report.


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