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New Additions and Finished Wall

Hello all,

We apologize for the long breaks between reports but the internet is still turned off in the Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon due to the disagreements between the Francophones and the Anglophones. There are still hot spots of violence as well due to protesters and secessionists. The Wotutu and Limbe areas are safe.

There have been three new children added in the last few weeks. We now have 20 children in the home. There is also another small child we are trying to bring into the home. She is just a few weeks old and at this point she is still not in the home after the decision was made 3-4 weeks ago to bring her in. Since we decided, Magdaline has not been able to contact the brother in the village who she talked to before. We are praying it is not because of violence in that area. Please continue to pray for the orphanage and for the relations between the two sides in the country. (Below is Magdaline's report from a few days ago).


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Good evening our time, receive Calvary greetings from this part of the country, how are you guys doing over there, I do hope by the special grace of God, you guys are doing great.

As for us over here, God has been faithful, the children are doing fine, they have just gone on their second term holidays, I have also come back from my trip to France, everything went on well over there, just the winter that disturb me, when I return I had fever, but im much better now.

The girls will begin to use the sewing machine to learn how to sew now that they are on holidays.

The rods on the wall is complete, I am sending pics of the work below. The rainy season has started and we when it rains water gathers and remain around the kitchen behind that makes it impossible to go behind, it rained heavy while I was in the hospital with Breedlove and there was much water every where so Mendel called me and said they need to cement the area and I told him to take materials from a brother in Christ, since they needed to do it right away because of the season, we have arranged the area it is good now, we dug two holes and filled them with stones, one behind the inner kitchen where the water from the sink drains, and anther one in front of the firewood kitchen where water used behind will be thrown all the pics of the work will be attached below and when brother Jonathan comes you will see the work yourself.

We got a new plumber who is doing the repairs now in the home, he seems to do better than the other guy, he connected the pipe on the wall outside, extenally than in the wall, below are pics of the work.

I am attaching below the pics of the new three children who are now in the home, Emmanuel, Bright and Usla, the other child who was to come is not yet, we made all the arrangements before we travelled, but they haven’t brought the child yet, we are scared it could be because of the insecurity in the town they are in, even the brother who told us about the child and with whom we have been communicating all this while, the number is not going through, we fear they might be in the bushes hiding from the military people, but we will still be trying his number.

The following three pictures are of the new children in the home:

Bapu Usla

Bapu Usla

Emmanuel David

Musame Bright

The following pictures shows the work that has been done to add the iron rods to the top of the wall and some drainage work that was done.

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