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BCO is Remaining Strong

Below is the latest update I received from Magdalene just this morning. The people who are in charge of the care for these children are such tireless workers for the Lord. We are so blessed to have each and every one of them to care for our children. Please continue to pray for the civil unrest in the Northwest and Southwest regions. Thank you if you are supporting or have supported in the past to this most important work of the church.


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive Calvary greetings from this part of the country in Jesus name, Amen.

How is everybody fairing over there, we do hope by the special grace of God, you are all doing fine.

We want to appreciate God for the lives of every on over here, the children and workers are doing fine, we thank God

We thank God for these past two weeks, Wotutu is calm inside, no gun shots, making the environment conducive for the children to learn, and do their other activities well.

The children are carrying on their normal and daily activities well, Mendel is carrying on well with them on their spiritual life, making sure he guides them using the scriptures, particularly the older children who are growing up fast.

The children are in the last term of the academic school year, they will be writing their exams at the end of this month of May, but Sanga will still continue to be in school because he is taking the public exams this year.

Our children were part of a launching program organized by an N.G.O, a foundation in Limbe, they invited some of our children to take part in the activities of the day, they performed traditional dance, bag race, sugar and treat, and some other activities, they dance the traditional dance very well, and also won In other activities, our area, the Buea area won the cup, the cup was handed over to Mildred because he was the youngest amongst all the children who went for the competition, presently, the cup is with us, but later we will hand it to the chief of social worker in Buea.

Senge is doing a great job with treating and administering drugs to the children at home, here are some pics of her giving treatment to Precious who had fever, she is really doing it well, but there are some cases that comes up that she cant handle and those cases we sent her with the children to see a doctor for better follow up and medication.

The mechanic has started working on the car, yesterday, he went to Douala and bought the parts that needed to be changed, below are some pics I took of some of the parts which are bad that needs to be replaced.

It is our normal routine to organised meetings with the workers, we had another session this week, we had the meeting with them where we talked on how to work well and made sure everything is in order in the home, the meeting ended well, every body was satisfied.

In the pic, we had a brother by name Kingsley, we have just put him at the gate for now for a probation period of one(1) month, we will just compensate him, i told him,we will take a decision if we will be employing him full time when brother Jonathan comes.


Senge helping Precious

Waiting to do traditional dance

Scola having fun in the bouncy house

Sanga and Sister Pauline

The children having fun with others at the Limbe youth gathering

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