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Catching Up

Dear reader,

Below is an update from the beginning of the month. The time period between then and last May in which we didn't have any updates is because Magdalene's laptop bit the dust. I wish I had thought of the idea of her sending her updates through Messenger sooner. Now she has a new laptop and is able to send her updates on a consistent basis. This update was sent through Messenger. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. God is so big and good!

Hello brother Jonathan,

This are some pics of the children, God is really faithful, the children are growing well and are doing fine, As you can see from the pics, the twin are really growing healthy, it has not really been easy helping them reach this stage, they had sufferred from anemia for some time, the docs had to keep changing their blood serup for a sometime before the level of blood was ok, the doc said the blood shortage was as a result of the incubator they were in when they were born, they have cold now, but they are on medication, they also had one of their vaccination last Thursday, we really thank God for using you guys through us to safe these childrens life, if not of us all, i dont really know what would have beem their faith, when ever they were taking to the hospitals, doctors will pay more attention on them, they will check them well and now all of them are very happy to see them grow healthy and looking good. During this period of stay at home, we make sure the children still study at home, they do so after breakfast, then rest, at 3pm/4pm they have closes with the private tutors, this helps them to be busy and not too loose because of the situation.

They also have their normal activities during weekends, thats is studying the bible and singing, they use to gather and sing sometimes during the week days like today, they took some hyms and sang some songs from it, it was so wonderful, they were doing that upstairs and Sanga was the one leading them, we had to follow them sing on the downer floor, they are so awsome.

Tutoring for the older children

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Most recent group picture of all the children, except for the twins. Notice Precious front and center with white shirt and blue skirt. Her legs are straight!

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