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BCO Keeps Living Despite Quarantine

Cameroon has seen it's share of trying times just like us here in the states. While we know we are much more financially and materially blessed, all of us are feeling the effects of Covid-19. Cameroon instituted stay-at-home orders and is mandating masks be worn if they need to go out. Our annual trip this summer had to be canceled due to a hold on issuing visas by the Cameroonian gov't and all incoming flight traffic halted until further notice. I will miss being able to be with my brothers and sisters in Wotutu. The orphanage has been worshiping at home for a couple weeks now. A video is included below of Sanga leading the singing for it. Faith and Favor, as well as, Kara, are all adjusting well to their new home. We thank God he brought them to us. We don't know what their fate would have been had it not been for BCO. Enjoy the report and the pics.


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive Calvary greetings from this part of the country, we do hope by the special grace of God, you all are doing fine.

We are also doing fine over here, our God is faithful, we know he will see us through this very trying moment, we are praying for you all over there, none of us shall be affected by this pandemic, our God has promised to protect his own, we know his promises shall be fulfilled in our lives.

Everything in B C O, is going on well and normally as is suppose to be, the children are carrying on with their activities well.

Pic 1,

Sis Pauline is making face marks for all the children should in case we want to take them to hospital for prevention for this pandemic, our Government has also made it compulsory for everyone to put on the face mask once you live the confines of your house.

Pic 2

Sis Pauling is showing the girls how to sew the face marks, she said she studied a little bit of sewing for few months, and since sewing the mask is not too difficult, she decided to sew them and also show the girls how to sew them.

Pic 3

These are some of the mask she already sewed, the children are so happy to have their own personal mask, all thanks to sister Pauline.

Pic 4

One of the beautiful mask sister Pauline made for brother Elangwe, he was happy to have that from her.

Pic 5

Sanga was the moderator and song leader of last week service at the orphanage, he did it very well, we were so impressed by his performance, this in- service at the home is making them to improve more since the have they more opportunity to participate in the program.

Pic 6

In this pics sanga served as the reader of all the lessons taught last two weeks Sunday and he also serve the lord supper, thanks be to God for this opportunity for him to serve.

Pic 7

In these pics as we can see, Prestige was the song leader of the service last two Sundays, he too did well with the songs that day, I will forward some videos I took of him and Sanga to you through messenger, since it will be heavy to attach here.

Mendel is using most of the boys during the church service, since its just few of us, it makes them to be bold in what they are assign to do.

Pic 8

Here Mendel is teaching sermon and also lord supper, he is doing a great job.

Pic 9

This is the student preacher from the Bible school who comes to assist Mendel in worship, for now, we allow just him alone to come and worship with us.

Pic 10

Staff and children worshiping God in the home, with this we are more protected because the children will not be able to mix with other children outside.

Pic 11

I got this big container with tap connected to it to wash hands since we are told to always wash our hands, we got one like that upstairs for the boys and one at the gate, we still got many sanitizer to use for hands and some items gotten from the market.

Pic 12

All the staff who comes in every day always use sanitizer, I have told Kingsley strictly to make sure he pours it on their hands and they sanitize them very well before getting in, so Kingsley is with the sanitizer all through the day.

Pic 13, 14, 15, 16

As we can see from these pics, we had to change the pipes that brought water to the orphanage, the pipes were under our fence, the pressure of the wall made a leakage so they had to divert it outside the fence.

Pic 17

I'm able to send reports today because of this new laptop, thank you people very much for the laptop, I got the same like Elangwe s own, he got his own first and I saw the mark and how fast the machine was, so he advised me to get the same mark which I did.

MAY God continue to protect us all and to provide more for you all who are part of this great work in Cameroon.



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