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This is the most recent update from Magdalene. There's not a lot different from what has been going on. The pandemic continues to affect everyone around the world. The orphanage is doing great and we thank all those who are a part of it. I once again want to invite all to watch the video put together that is on the main page of the website. Enjoy!

Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive Calvary greetings from this end, hope you are all doing fine by God’s grace.

Everything is going on well over here, God is faithful, the children are doing good.

We thank God for protecting us from this pandemic so far, and we know he will continue to protect us till the end.

Everything is going on smoothly in B C O, the children are going on well with their normal routine, thank God for the private teachers who are doing a great job to teach these children at this time.

Pic 1

The twin children are really growing fast and very healthy, all thanks to you all, sister Pauline having fun with one of them.

Pic 2

Just thinking of how faithful our God is, looking at these children grow this healthy gladdens my heart, our God is a great God.

Pic 3 $ Pic 4

Sanga was the moderator and song leader of this past Sunday service, this indoor service is creating an impact in the life of this children.

Pic 5

Brother Mendel teaching sermon in our indoor service this past Sunday service, his message was so inspiring.

Pic 6 $ Pic 7

Sanga is really learning to be creative, here is a book shelve he made by him self, he picked some left out plumber from previous work and made this shelve, I was so happy when I saw him doing this, I pray he does other things even more better than this shelve next time.

Pic 8 $ Pic 9

Brother Mendel Is training Sanga in the work he is doing since he is older, we can see from the pics below how he is learning how to plaster a wall, he love doing that, I pray God increase his knowledge to do more.



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