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Proud to be at BCO

Hello everyone,

Please enjoy another weekly update from Magdalene regarding the children and staff at BCO. They are all so happy. Thank you for all you do for them.


Hello Brother Jonathan,

Receive Calvary greetings from this part of the country, hope you are all doing fine over there.

We appreciate God for everybody in B C O, we are all doing fine, the week went on smoothly

Pic 1

We got uniforms for the workers to wear while at work, the uniforms really looks good on them and they are looking more formally, they are happy with their new uniforms.

Pic 2 and Pic 3

Mami Grace in her new uniform in a closer look with a very beautiful smile showing how happy she is doing what she is doing.

Pic 4

Sister Theresia in her new uniform, with a beautiful smile and happy for taking care of these beautiful children.

Pic 5 and Pic 6

Sister Ruth Wase in her beautiful uniform with a very beautiful and happy for serving these children.

Pic 7

Sister Chinedu Pauline wearing her work uniform with a very beautiful smile as always serving the children with all joy.

Pic 8

Sister Kate Mendel in her beautiful uniform with a very beautiful smile happy for being a mother to these beautiful children.

Pic 9

Brother Ike Kingsley in his security uniform and happy for watching the lives of everybody in the home.

Pic 10 and pic 11

Mami Grace and sister Pauline feeding the twin Faith and Favour, they are happy doing that.

Pic 12

Sister Pauline and sister Kate sharing lunch for the children, that’s part of the activities they do everyday.

Pic 13

Ruth and Kate fixing the food we called water fufu, to make for the children.

Pic 14 and Pic 15

Sister Theresia washing and making sure the cloths of Faith and Favour are clean.

Pic 16

Ladyson undoing Daniellia’s hair, it was good to see the concern and love they have for each other, it was fun.

Pic 17 and Pic 18

All of the girls eating their lunch, they were eating rice and groundnut soup, they appreciate all those who are making it possible to have food on their table.

Pic 19 and Pic 20

All of the boys too having their lunch , they appreciate all those making it possible for them to have food to eat.

Pic 21 and Pic 22

One of my younger brother teaching in the secondary school is helping teach Sanga during this period of no school.

During the week, we realised the saftey tank was full to the extend that waste water was leaking from the pipe, we had to call the plumber immediately and they empty the tank, two days later we realise the tank was full again with water, we called the plumber to check, he said one of the pipes from uptairs is bad so the water from the bathroom just passes through the pipe uncontrollable, he has to come and fix the pipe and drain the water again from the pipe.



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