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Meet our staff

Below you will meet the precious souls who are putting in countless hours to make sure BCO is the best it can be for the Lord's kingdom. Every single one of these individuals are putting the Lord's work above themselves. Our children deserve the very best our Lord has to offer. These fine people are highly regarded and the best thing about it is they give the glory to God. They are such fine examples and role models for our children. 

Elangwe and Magdalene

Elangwe is the director of the Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu and the preacher at the Wotutu congregation. Magdalene is the director of the orphanage through the oversight of the elders at the Hillsboro congregation. Elangwe and Magdalene have huge hearts for their neighbors in Cameroon, especially, the orphaned children. They work very hard to make sure this orphanage is what God would want it to be.

Emma Grace

Emma Grace is a member of the Wotutu congregation. She is widowed and has raised four children of her own. She is such a wonderful lady and loves these children so much. She is at the orphanage 24/7 and works so hard. What would BCO be without her?


Sister Theresia is a member of the Wotutu congregation. She is now a 24/7 nurse to help Nanny Grace at night. She also does a wonderful job with the children. She always has a smile on her face and loves helping the children. She is widowed and has three children of her own.

Mendel and Katty

Mendel is a graduate of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Wotutu. He and Katty are wonderful Christian parents with four children of their own. We are happy to have them as our house parents at BCO. Mendel is a great spiritual leader for the home and can do just about anything when it comes to working with his hands. Katty is doing a marvelous job as house mother. 


Chief Driver

Franklin is the driver for the preaching school, Brightland Christian Academy, and BCO. Anytime someone or a group needs to get somewhere, Franklin is the man. While Elangwe now has his driver's license and the load is not totally on Franklin now, he still has such a pivotal and important role in the works taking place in Wotutu.


Ms. Ruth has been with BCO from the beginning. Ruth is a wonderful sister in Christ and does a wonderful job looking after all those she has contact with, especially the children.


Sister Senge is our nurse. We share her with the preaching school. She also does a lot with the community. Her talents are very valuable and she absolutely loves our children. She takes such good care of them.

Social Worker

Beatrice is our social worker who acts as a liaison between BCO and the government. She visits the orphanage once a month to check on the physical welfare of the children. She is very complementary of the orphanage.

Pauline 2.jpg

Pauline is the wife of one of the Wotutu church of Christ's leaders and teaches Bible class on a regular basis. She joined us in 2018 and does a great job. We are so blessed to have her!

Gate Security

Kinglsey is a brother of Bro. Elangwe. Kingsley came onto the staff a little more than a year ago. He does a great job of keeping the orphanage secure during the day by keeping a log of all visitors or anyone who comes and goes. He is a great asset to the orphanage.

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